Thursday, April 4, 2013

My gallery on Wiki of Ice and Fire...:)

You can see it HERE! There are 270+ images :D


EmilyRSVP said...

OH MY GOSH, you are so good at this.

I'm being very greedy, but I just want more and more.

Alys Karstark and her hubby Sigorn, Robb's monster-in-law Sybell Spicer, Robb's new mustachio BFF Raynald Westerling, Robb's new squire Rollam Westerling, Robb's old squire Olyvar Frey, Robb's jilted fiancée Roslin Frey, (so many Freys... Cleos Frey, Stevron Frey, 'Black' Walder Frey, Walder Rivers, Elmar Frey, Amerei 'Gatehouse Ami' Frey, Walda 'Fat Walda' Frey, Joyeuse Erenhouse), I could go on.

JC Maziu said...

Hi mate,

I'll be watching your works.
Really great style. Definitely I wanna draw like you when I grow. :)

Keep this awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i love your style, they are a big inspiration to me. Something between caricature and cartoon.
There are so many characters and all are unique. amazing work!

THEMICO said...

Thank you all :)