Thursday, January 1, 2009


...first drawing for 2009...hope there will be more :D
Ken Parker


Rico said...


Mimi Cortazar said...

super kolor :)

THEMICO said...

Hvala obojici :D

Lucas Pimenta said...


THEMICO said...

THanks MAn :)

Lucas Pimenta said...

Hello, I would know his name, to put the claims in the picture!
as I saw, I have a blog dedicated to the Ken Parker!
And this week, put their art show on my blog. We have a space on the blog, called A day of Milazzo, and his art perfectly served to honor
the character and its creators. In any event, I put the credits placing links to their Web pages. Now I am grateful.
Visit my blog, we have a link to pages of translation, if not understand Portuguese, we hope you like.
I also, to invite you to make an art unique to Ken Parker for our blog. Divulgariamos their work.
See this link, you will find some Brazilian artists who designed the Ken Parker for our blog:
Forgive any errors in English, because it is not my strong. Again thank you and look forward his name to give the proper credits.